"We aim to develop a clean and green fuel for piston engine aircraft, available and affordable for all pilots and operators in US & Europe."

Stay up in the air

Today the majority of small planes fly on Avgas 100LL, which is actually a relic from the past. It is the last survivor of leaded transportation fuels. Lead is toxic and causes damage to health, the environment and it adversely affects the engine.


We think it is time to change to an alternative fuel. A fuel without toxic material and made of renewable components. Let’s keep flying our beloved airplane, let’s make it future-proof.


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Current Fuel

A relict from the past, last survivor
of leaded & transportation fuels.


  • contains lead which is toxic
  • causes damage to health 
  • causes damage to environment
  • technical disadvantages for engines
  • legal issues, potential ban in future
  • no current alternatives


The green alternative

  • contains no lead or other toxic material
  • better for health and environment
  • better for engines
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • 10% renewable, potential of > 90%


Keep flying your beloved airplane…